Sugar Petal Skull Day of the Dead Incense Holder Ashcatcher

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This beautiful incense holder is Emblazoned with violet flowers, this black human skull has creeping green vines growing around it, symbolising life being reborn from death.

The eyes are highlighted in yellow that matches the pollen of the flowers, and the teeth are a deep purple for an additional splash of colour.

The vines and flower motif continues down the side of the burner, which is hand-painted and cast in high-quality resin. Reminiscent of the colourful calaveras of the Mexican Day of the Dead, this incense burner has space for both cones and sticks of incense, ensuring that you can please the spirits of the dead with any scent you (or they) choose.

Nemesis Now Reference U2105F6

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  • Cast in the finest resin.
  • Lovingly hand-painted.
  • Approx 26.5cm