Stamford Spiritual 48 Incense Sticks Gift Pack

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The Stamford Spiritual Variety Incense Gift Pack gives you six luxurious fragrances Contains: Oak King - White Sage, Spiritual Guide - Jasmine, Unicorn Spirit - Sandalwood, Dragon King - Patchouli, Mystical Ambience - Lavender and Water Dragon - White Musk Incense Sticks.

Designed to set the mood and open your mind to the power of fragrance. Containing fragrances to relax, uplift, refresh and excite you, this incense gift pack is the easy way to enjoy beautiful fragrance at home.

To enjoy the fine fragrances produced by these Stamford incense sticks just light the end and wait for it to glow, then blow out the flame and place into an incense holder. Sit back and let the fragrance gently waft through your home.
• Gift set with 6 x 8 Stamford incense stick scents
• Contains approx 48 Vegan Friendly incense sticks 
• Made from perfumery raw materials only
• For best results place in on incense holder
• Recyclable packaging
• Approx stick burn time: 30 minutes