Fortunes Watcher Tarot Box or Trinket Storage from Nemesis Now

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This tarot box is worthy of any mantelpiece. Looking like a lost stone altar deep in the forest – pitted with lichen at the top as tendrils of ivy creep around the bottom – the box has numbers circling the outside, naming the major arcana of the tarot deck in order.

Counting from The Fool to The Star, the remaining arcana are on top, but obscured by a reclining cat. Black and furry, with a silver pentacle hanging from its neck, it looks up with a preternatural intelligence and curiosity.

Within the box, a few autumn leaves lie scattered over an engraving of the four tarot suites – Pentacles, Rods, Swords and Cups. This piece is the perfect gift for the mystic seeker of knowledge in your life – even if that person is yourself.

Store your most trusted trinkets or tarot deck in safety and style. Or why not pair this piece with one of our own Tarot decks (Click here

Fortune's Watcher Tarot Box 17x12.3x15.4cm

Nemesis Now B2808G6

  • Beautifully crafted Tarot Card Holder topped with a black cat.
  • Cast in high-quality resin and painstakingly hand-painted.