Aromatherapy 120 Incense Sticks Gift Pack

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A display box of 6 assorted packs of Aromatherapy fragrance range incense sticks by Elements. Each pack contains 20 incense sticks.
The packs inside are

Stress Relief, Meditation, Energising, Sensuality, Relaxing and Refreshing. 

Stress Relief has a combination of lavender, orange, blossom and thyme. These oils are chosen for there calming and relaxing properties.

A combination of relaxing scents. Meditation oils are carefully chosen to be used for your deep meditation, yoga or just for creating a warm, relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

Each of the fragrances in the energising incense are carefully selected to help provide a stimulating and powerful atmosphere with a warm vibe.

Each scent in this relaxing incense has a combination of premium scents. Each one chosen to provide a sense of relaxation and to sooth the body.

Refreshing incense has a blend of the most refreshing scents. Each one picked to help create an invigorating atmosphere and help revitalise the body and senses.

Sensuality incense sticks are combinations of the best fragrances to provide a love tonic in the air. Fill the air with sensual aromas to create a sensual atmosphere, providing the perfect romantic tone.

Handcrafted in India