Incense. An amazing product with a huge variety of scent suitable for all sorts of occasions and purposes. In our Halifax Piece Hall store we pride ourselves on offering the widest possible range of Satya incense available anywhere in Halifax, or probably West Yorkshire!

We have tried to include all of it on here along with some of our favourite Elements and Stamford incense packs. So whether that's for meditation, relaxation or for healing and calming, there's a great variety available and at typical Yorkshire pricing :)

Please Note :: single packs of incense sticks will be sort of 'flattened' so that they can fit in a card-backed envelope for shipping. This is to save the pack getting squished!

Satya Incense Pack Offer

Buy 4 individual Satya incense packs of any fragrance and pay just £5!

Enter 445 in the Discount Code box on the Checkout page to get the offer. And you don't need to have multiples of 4 packs - any more than 4 packs of Satya will be discounted!