Runic Pentagram Pewter Pendant

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This stunning item is a brand new retail packaged, beautifully detailed and very striking pentacle pendant The pentacle is based upon the pentagram - a five-pointed star within a circle and is the most common Pagan symbol. It is typically used to identify yourself as a Pagan or Wiccan. The five points represent the 4 elements of matter (earth, air, fire and water) plus the quintessential fifth element - spirit. And on this pendant are the symbols for those elements at the end of each of the points.
As a Pentacle, the circle connects the five elements but is also symbolic of containment and protection and with the single point upwards, signifies the spirit ruling matter (i.e. mind ruling limbs) and is a symbol of rightness.
This design has the Runic alphabet, the Futhark, inscribed along the circle. The Futhark is a 2000+ year old Nordic alphabet containing mystery and wisdom in each letter. With such magical properties encircling the pentacle a powerful defence is created. The pendant is 30mm diameter (just over an 1"). Made from the finest high quality Nickel-compliant pewter. It comes ready to wear on an adjustable cord (approx 14" to 30" long)