Luna Lovegood Character Wand Boxed with Name Tag

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Luna Lovegood. Only daughter to Xenophilius and Pandora she is an extremely quirky girl, with many eccentric beliefs and qualities. She is a complete nonconformist, lacking self-consciousness and not afraid to show who she truly is. Even if she believes in Nargles and can see Thestrals, Luna is intelligent and unusually perceptive, having been sorted into Ravenclaw "where those of wit and learning will always find their kind."

Here we present a meticulous recreation of her wand, complete with a smart storage box and a metal name tag.

Please be aware that these resin wands are authentic hand-painted prop replicas, and due to this they are designed as collectible items and not toys. Sadly they don’t contain real magic, so if dropped or mishandled there is the possibility of damage. As they are hand-painted, the wand you receive may vary slightly in colour and finish from the photo.

Age recommendation 14+

Wand about 34.5cm long