Egyptian Bast Amulet Pewter Pendant

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Bast was known as Bastet and was the most honoured female god in Egypt. Her father was Ra, the God of the Sun and All Creation. She had two sons named, Konshu, the God of the Moon, and Maahes, a lion-headed God of War.

Bastet did not have a mother because Ra, as creator deity, was called “The Great He-She”. Her husband was Ptah, the god of God of Craftsmen, Rebirth and Creation. Bastet festivals were held in April and May and were some of the most popular in Egypt, because of all the music, dancing and wine!

Not only was she the goddess of plenty, pleasure, music and dance but Bastet was also the protector of motherhood, fertility, health, protector of pregnant women, their newborn infants and children. The Egyptians believed that she could protect men from diseases and demons. But above all she was worshipped for her love, happiness and protector of households. 

A well crafted and detailed Bast pendant created from the finest high-quality Nickel-compliant pewter. It comes ready to wear on an adjustable cord (approx 14" to 30" long)  The pendant is 46mm high (including loop) and 25mm wide.