Celtic Viking Hammer Axe Pewter Pendant

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Thors Hammer pendant featuring Celtic knotwork and Runic symbols on the front. I. Thor Viking God and ruler of the sky - he governs thunder and lightning, winds and storms, fine weather and fertility.

He was known to carry around a hammer of similar shape to this pendant. It is said that the original could be used to level mountains - but don't think you can do that with this item! Miniature Thor's hammers were widely used as religious amulets even during the Viking era. The front of this pendant features a Celtic knotwork triquetra pattern, and Runes from the Elder Futhark that spell out Mjölnir - the Norse name of this hammer. A very symbolic Viking pendant.

Created from the finest high-quality Nickel-compliant pewter and It comes ready to wear on an adjustable cord (approx 14" to 30" long). The pendant is 41mm high (including loop) and 30mm wide