Captain of the Millennium Falcon Apron

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Official Star Wars merchandise

Featuring cool cross-section style line art of the iconic Millennium Falcon, the cotton apron is sure to be a hit with Star Wars fans who love to cook as much as Han Solo loves to brag about how quickly he flew the Kessel Run.

Bring a piece of a galaxy far, far away to any home with this novelty Millennium Falcon Star Wars apron, perfect for adding a fun element to outdoor barbeques, home baking and meal preparation.

The apron's printed design also includes the words, "Captain of the Millennium Falcon", as well as a Star Wars tag, so the wearer can let everybody know who really runs this ship.

Dimensions: Open: 77 (h) x 51 (w) cm - Packaged: 28 (h) x 7 (w) x 7 (d) cm